Principles of the Chrono Diet – A Guide for Beginners

The summer is almost here and we all want to get our ideal bodies. Starving yourself and going on cleanses isn’t only dangerous – it’s ineffective. You will put all the weight back on as soon as you stop the diet. What you want is something sustainable. It’s a few simple rules of chrono diet that you follow. So what are these rules?

What Chrono Diet Actually Means?

The Chrono Diet became very popular throughout the last few years but it was made from a French doctor named Alan Delabosa who started the program back in 1986. Trough the years the program was modified in order to become better.

Today we have several Chrono sub-programs: restriction, vegetarian and lasting program.
If you decided you want to lose weight and start this Diet here are the most important starting rules.

Here are some Chrono Diet Rules!

There are three daily meals that are being spread all over the day and there must be 4-6 hours delay between them.
You should eat breakfast in the morning, lunch five hours after that, a small snack in between lunch and dinner, and then a dinner five hours after lunch. It’s a simple schedule and one that targets your body’s production of cortisol, insulin and digestion enzymes.

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1.Timing is everything

  1. Breakfast is the biggest meal where anything goes. This means carbs, fat and protein – but no sugar.
  2. Consuming fluid 30 minutes before and after the meal is forbidden in order to not dilute the acid in your stomach and your food can be processed better.
  3. Your lunch should mostly be made up of protein – whichever kind you prefer. Beef, pork, lamb and veal are all allowed and you can have plenty – just without any bread. Actually, it should be without any carbs at all.
  4. Snack – This is the time of the day when you are allowed sugar, so a small piece of dark chocolate or some dried fruit will be a great way to make it until dinner.
  5. You can forget all about the big roast, baked goods and any carbs at all – dinner is simply there to fill your stomach so you don’t go to sleep hungry. If you are including some protein, it should be light and lean – like chicken or fish. Eat a lot of green vegetables, and if you are not targeting weight loss, then you can have a piece of cheese. This is your smallest meal, so act accordingly.

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