Get Rid of Extra Pounds! With only 2 ingredients that you certainly have in the refrigerator!

It’s already summer, and you can not reduce that excess pounds. Do not worry, this drink will help you to get rid of fat deposits.This simple weight loss beverage will help you to get rid of fatty deposits and cleanse your body. It will be particularly good after a meal and during a diet.

You only need two ingredients that you must have in the refrigerator: lemon and celery.

Simple weight loss beverage for healthy weight loss – recipe


  • 13 oz Celery
  • 33 oz lemon
  • 66 oz water

Instruction how to make simple weight loss beverage

  • Grate a 13 oz root of celery and add it to 2 l of water and in that you grated a little lemon peel.
  • Cook for 20 minutes and then let it cool for 5-6 hours.
  • Squeeze 33 or lemon and add it to the water and grated celery.
  • Apply the liquid through the strainer and pour into a glass bottle.


  • Use this beverage before meals, 3 times a day.
  • Drink about 1 dl, and you can dilute it with water. Keep the drink in the refrigerator.


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Note: Every part of celery, including the stalks, seeds, and leaves are edible and are rich in nutrients.