Triple-Decker Jaffa Cake with Jaffa Cakes

What about having a jaffa cake layer cake? If you love the flavour combination of chocolate and orange, check out these recipe for jaffa cake with jaffa cakes.

Triple-Decker Jaffa Cake with Jaffa Cakes – Recipe

The way of preparations – medium

Prep time

  • Prep time – 15 minutes
  • Cooking time – 1 hour 30 minutes



  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 cup  sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1⁄2 tsp salt
  • 250 g butter, softened
  • zest and juice of 1 large orange
  • 2 large  eggs
  • 5 tablespoons ground walnuts
  • 150 g sour cream or natural yoghurt

For the filling:

  • 150 g butter, at room temperature
  • 300 g icing sugar
  • 150 g orange or lemon curd
  • few drops of orange extract
  • few drops of orange food colouring (optional)

and more…

  • 4 boxes of jaffa biscuits
  • 200 g whipped cream
  • 400 ml of milk

Instructions on how to make Jaffa Cake with Jaffa Cakes

  • Heat oven to 180°C. Oil and base line three 20-cm loose-based cake tins with non-stick baking paper.
  • Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl.
  • Stir in the sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  • Mix well to combine.
  • Use an electric whisk to beat in the butter until it looks like wet sand.
  • In a jug, mix the orange zest, juice, eggs and soured cream, pour into the flour mix and beat well.
  • Spoon into the tins, smoothing the surfaces.
  • Bake for 20 minutes until just springy to the touch and a skewer comes out clean.
  • Rest in the tins for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.


  • Gently beat together the butter and icing sugar, then whip for 3 to 4 minutes until light.
  • Whisk in the orange curd, orange extract and colouring, and set aside.

Peel off the baking paper and, if needed, trim the dome off each cake to stack evenly.

Spread the bottom layer with 1/4 the filling AND with a layer with jaffa cakes, and put on a plate.

Spread filling over layered jaffa cakes.
Put the next crust.
Spread the middle layer with the filling, jaffa cakes, and filling, and put on top.
Add the third layer, then cover the cake with filling, and  jaffa cakes. Top with whipped cream or ….

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