Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the world’s most popular health foods. It is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids..

It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

The most common questions about quinoa

How do I clean it? 

  • Rinse with water in strainer
  • Repeat 2- 3 times
  • Without rinsing it will have a bitter taste

How do I cook it? 

  • Clean the seeds
  • Stovetop 15-20 minutes
  • 1-2 ratio seeds to water
  • Bring water to a boiling point
  • Pour seeds into the water
  • Cover pat with lid
  • Cook on low heat

How do I store it?

  • Store in air-tight dry container

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