Why Is The Keto Diet So Popular And Effective?

All diets based on low carbohydrate intake has been the subject of numerous debates for decades. The reason for not accepting this type of diets (Keto diet) was the belief that they may increase cholesterol levels. Therefore, and increase the chance of developing heart disease, precisely because of the high level of fat that is consumed.

However, numerous studies have shown opposite results. Since 2002, it spent more than 20 studies on low-carb diets. It has been shown that they are better than some other diets they were compared to.

In fact, not only do they help you effectively lose unwanted pounds, but you can positively affect your health.

Originally, this diet was recommended to people who suffered from epileptic seizures, before there invented cures for attacks. In the past few decades, it has become popular again, as patients began to seek an alternative drug replacement.

Numerous advantages ketogenic diet found in its ability to control hunger much more effectively than other diets.

Reasons why Keto diet is so effective:

  • Keto diet regulates blood sugar levels and reduces the rapid rise in insulin
  • Maintaining a low-carbohydrate diet keeps the blood sugar level low and stable. The result is that there are no sudden jumps of insulin and you can control the feeling of hunger.
  • By keeping the level of insulin low, inside the body, we create an environment that limits the storage of fat and encourages the consumption of fat.
  • You will not get hungry quickly
  • The ketogenic diet will effectively reduce hunger attacks. By carbohydrate intake, your body gets energy in the short term, before its level drops rapidly and you start to feel a great need for food again. On the other hand, fat and protein will help you feel fuller for longer because they provide a slower release of energy.
  • Better use of protein
  • When the body is in the ketosis state, it will start to release ketones, not glucose. Ketones are the perfect fuel for our body, unlike glucose that is harmful, less stable and in fact shortens the lifespan. Since the body consists of a high-fat content, protein oxidation for the purpose of glucose production will be reduced. That process is gluconeogenesis. This means that the body will use proteins for other body functions.
  • You will have a beautiful skin
  • Studies show that there is a link between foods that contain too many carbohydrates and acne. This is because carbs stimulate the production of growth hormones such as IGF and insulin responsible for the appearance of acne. This is why this low-carb diet can have a lot of benefits for your skin.