5 Tricks How To Remove Odors From The Refrigerator

How to clean bad smell in the fridge with natural resources? We present you 5 inexpensive tricks how to remove odors from the refrigerator.

You can easily solve this problem without chemicals. How? Using a baking soda or a little vanilla extract

No one is comfortable when open the fridge in search of food that will create a tasty meal, and actually met him the odor of food to which we have forgotten. That food is spoiled in the fridge and it smells awful.

To make the problem, even more, the intolerable smell spreads the speed of light through the house. Trouble sources will not eliminate it but will creep into every corner of the refrigerator, if not in other foods. Even if you empty the refrigerator and wash it in a classic way, the odor will hold a long in the interior of the appliance. Here are some ways to deal with this problem. So you must try this  5 inexpensive tricks!

The first one of 5 inexpensive tricks  is – Vinegar

Well-known recipe for the elimination of odors, which are also our grandmothers used, is a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix these two liquids – vinegar and water. With the resulting mixture rub the entire interior of the refrigerator and wait until the refrigerator a little ventilated. Results will be almost instantaneous.


Another method is also known for many years. It is a mixture of baking soda and water. As in the first case, soak the cloth with the mixture and rub the inside of the refrigerator.

Paper towels

For stronger stink wrap the paper towels into balls and place them in the fridge. Leave it to stand for several days, and when you take them out and throw it away, rub fridge with vinegar and water, as we have already suggested.

Baking soda or coffee beans

In case you decide to defrost the refrigerator, then you can use your soda or coffee beans. You can place them into the refrigerator while holding it open, which will absorb odors.

Vanilla extract is one of the 5 inexpensive tricks

A few drops of vanilla extract drop on swabs of cotton wool and place in refrigerator. Leave to rest for a few days, and after that will not only eliminate stink, but you will have a pleasant smell and a fridge.