Easy Peasy Diet of 10 Percent – Healthy Weight Loss

A  10 percent diet is based on the recommendations of nutritionists and doctors. They say that every weight loss greater than 10 percent of body weight – it’s simply not healthy. Perhaps 10 percent minus pounds is not the ultimate weight you would like. However, this diet represents a healthy, quality and long-lasting process of weight loss.

How do you know how much food you need to enter during the day in 10 percent diet?

Simply, for each kilogram of body weight, you can enter 25 calories. Accordingly, a 70 kg person would need 1,750 calories per day. Such a weight loss is a slower than rigorous diets but definitely better and healthier.

10 percent diet  – Diet menu per day

First week: 

Day 1:

  • Vegetables of choice without restriction. It can be eaten in different ways – boiled, raw, steamed, in salads, stews, etc.

2nd day:

  • The boiled meat of your choice (can and hot dogs, ham, cold cuts and even fish).

Day 3:

  • rice or cornmeal (both only lightly salted).

4th day:

  • Milk day (all dairy products with less fat. Fruit yogurt is not allowed).

Day 5:

  • Eggs (eggs in any way).

Day 6:

  • Fruit Day (Fruit by Choice).

7. day:

  • protein day (meat or fish of choice).

The second week:

Day 1:

  • vegetables of your choice and cooked meat. It can be eaten in different ways – boiled, raw, steamed, in salads, stews, etc.

2nd day:

  • meat with vegetables.

Day 3:

  • rice with vegetables.

4th day:

  • Milk Day (Milk Products, with Supplements: Eggs, Salads or Fruit).

Day 5.:

  • eggs (as a side dish can eat salad, fruit or yogurt).

6th day:

  • a fruit day (fruit of choice, fresh, salad or compote).

7. day:

  • protein day (roast meat or fish of choice).

The Third week: 

The third week is the same as the first one. After this three-week diet plan, your loss will be 10% of the initial weight.

  • You can drink coffee or sugar-free tea (the sweetener can pass) for the duration of this diet.
  • You can use only olive oil.
  • Minimum salt intake is recommended and herbs are allowed.
  • Bread is not allowed.

10 percent diet – additional notes

  • Eat only when you have time for them. Forget eating in front of TV, computers, in a hurry …
  • Eat slowly, in small bites and thoroughly teased.
  • The stomach is required about twenty minutes to get a signal satiety. Therefore, slowly eating contributes to eat significantly less food and thus control the appetite.
  • Turn on the daily routine for at least 30 minutes of light exercise every day.
  • Measure your weight only when you are done with the diet.
  • Keep track of weight loss – statistics show that people who lead online diaries lose about 7 kg more than those who do not take them …