LCHF Diet Menu For The Whole Week with Recipes

For some reason, you want to follow a low-carb high-fat diet. So check this  LCHF diet menu for a whole week with recipes.

LCHF Diet Menu by Days


Breakfast is always the same! Since that lunch needs a most noteworthy. Therefore, must be taken into attention that the meal is delicious.


  • decaffeinated coffee or light tea with fructose or sweetener
  • Bread made with Psyllium husks
  • Jam without sugar.
  • Yogurt with a minimum butterfat


  • Grilled steak,
  • salad with mushrooms, steamed broccoli, mild cheese


  • Fish with arugula, integral spaghetti with tomatoes, low-fat yogurt




  • salad with chicken white meat,
  • steamed hake,
  • cauliflower with lettuce,
  • mild cheese


  • beans with lemon,
  • hard-boiled egg,
  • low-fat cottage cheese




  • veal liver on Teflon, baked zucchini.
  • Therefore for lunch, you can have a lettuce or mild cheese


  • vegetable soup, cream, peach




  • salad of cucumber, stew meat, spinach, white cheese.


  • soup of leeks, scrambled eggs
  • salad, white cheese



  • cabbage salad, roast veal, low-fat cheese


  • fish
  • soup, herring, and vegetables on the grill



  • grilled mackerel topped with oil and garlic and grated celery with Parmesan cheese


  • baked brown rice with eggplant, salad with lemon, low-fat cottage cheese



  • omelet with zucchini, duck casserole with beans, green salad, fruit salad


  • Ham and eggs ( it is easy to prepare). Finally, mixed steamed vegetables, salad, and low-fat cheese.

LCHF Diet Menu

In addition, this diet consists of intake of foods that contain a large amount of protein with a barely noticeable, percentage of carbohydrates. Therefore people call them: The protein diet and no carb.

Therefore, the diet consists of three phases. There is also the fourth stage, which is, in fact, maintaining achieved. Due to, the first phase is limited carbohydrate intake to just 20 grams per day. Since the length of this phase is 2 weeks. In phase two there is a slight introduction of carbohydrates, especially the vegetables, and in the third phase formed the optimal amount of carbohydrates that a person could have entered a long period of time there is no problem with the weight.

For persons who have held this diet, especially relevant is advised:

  • Since that after reaching the desired weight, they become more satisfied with their appearance.  However, to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and over 4 stages.

In addition… The theory…

When you eliminate carbohydrates from daily meals, the liver converts fat into glucose, and additional products of this synthesis are toxic ketones. They suppress appetite, thus eating less while performing weight loss. Since that has not been considered through dietary intake of vitamins and minerals recommended by the diet taking a vitamin pill that will compensate for the obvious deficit of vitamins and minerals.