The Diet With Cheese! Lose 3 To 5 Pounds In 7 Day

Quick cheese diet  – useful and economical diets. Lose weight in a healthy way

Want to lose weight, and you have an intolerance to any diet with starvation? Try a cheese diet, with which you can easily weaken and most importantly – without a sense of hunger. The essence of cheese diet is a cheese with a low-fat content and kefir, foods that contribute to the rapid fat burning and block its creation.

During the cheese diet, you’ll always have the feeling of satiety. This diet is one of the economical and useful for the organism. In fact, in addition to losing weight, this diet may be good for cleansing the body of toxins.

Keep a diet with cheese, you can, but not longer than 10 days. The ideal variant is 5-7 days, during which you can lose 3 to 5 pounds. It is important not to violate the rules of this diet: do not take sweets, cakes and other foods prohibited, otherwise, the result of this diet will be zero.

Choose your own cheese diet variant

  • The 1st variant of the cheese diet

During the day you should eat 400 grams of fine cheese with low-fat content and have a 1.5-liter low-fat kefir. Divide the food into 4-5 equal portions. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas. Before bedtime drinks a glass of kefir.

  • A 2nd variant of the diet with cheese

5 times a day, eat 60 grams of low-fat cheese and small drink per 1 cup of low-fat milk.

  • The 3rd variant of the cheese diet

During the day, eat 500 grams of fine cheese, 2 pieces of fruit (except bananas), drink water and green tea.

  • A 4th variant of a diet with cheese

During the day, eat 500 grams of lean fine cheese and 2 cups of kefir to which you can add a handful of bran.