Bread From Three Ingredients Without Carbs

Bread from three ingredients without a gram of carbohydrates – eat it all day, and losing weight

Just imagine – you can eat bread all day, and that in addition to losing weight! Although it sounds like a dream for those of us who are willing to sell his own brother for a piece of good, hot bread.  It’s true – you just need to know how to correctly make it.

To be honest, taste is not a standard to which you are accustomed. But for health and good looks, we have to sacrifice a little. This low-carb bread is rich in proteins, and they will keep you satiated for a long time. The whole is soft and fluffy. Do not worry, you’ll love it.

The popular “keto bread” is named like that because it is popular among the people who are on a protein diet. But it helps them to remain in a state of ketosis. No flour, no salt, no sugar, baking powder, nor grains – just pure protein and natural fat!

To make things even better, keto bread is made so simple. So simple that even housewives can in an attempt to blur with the left hand!

What is ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis or ketosis is a natural metabolic condition in people on a diet with a low proportion of carbohydrates. The human body as a “driving” fuel may consume glucose (sugar), fatty acids and ketosis. On the diet with low carbohydrate, usually up to 50 grams per day, from the metabolism burning fat creates ketosis. Then the body is in ketosis. A diet that leads to ketosis is the ketosis diet or a ketogenic diet.

Keto Bread Without Carbs – Recipe

The way of preparation – easy

Prep time

  • Prep time – 10 minutes
  • Cooking time – 40 minutes


  • 6 eggs
  •  1/2 cup of whey protein
  • butter

keto bread
Instructions on how to prepare this bread without carbs


  • At first of all, preheat the oven to 325 F (160C)
  •  Then separate egg yolks and egg whites.
  • Whisk egg whites good with a mixer, to form a unit foam.
  •  Fold protein and eggs yolk into the egg whites.
  •   Then whip carefully so that will be all together, but make sure that the foam is not “pumped”.
  • You need these bubbles of egg whites to make bread rose.
  • Grease the mold of bread with a little butter. Pour the “dough” into a greased mold and bake for 40 minutes.

    It is very tasty. You can eat them with both the savory and with marmalade. Although we do not recommend marmalade if you are on a diet. And no carbohydrates at all!